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  • The imposing Grade 2 listed Gledholt Methodist Church dates from1890.
    During 2000/1 the inside was completely remodelled.The worship area is upstairs and boasts a coffee bar, offices and a lift from the ground floor as well as a modern stained glass window inscribed ˜To the Glory of God'.
    Treasures include Baptismal and Marriage Registers; a memorial board to the two World Wars and several Cradle Rolls, as well as embroidered banners.
    There will also be copies of the history of the church 1890-1990 and photographs of those years, and a video of how the church looked before the restoration.
    [taken from this website: http://www.treasuresrevealed.co.uk/discover-explore/kirklees/gledholt/gledholt-methodist-church/ ]
    29th June 2011, 11:18

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