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  • I gather KNH have overall responsibility for the management of this land.
    28th April 2017, 14:13
  • Encompasses land owned by Kirklees Council. Includes Fare Hill Flats, which I gather was built on what was a former Socialist Club bowling green. Part of the land was originally quarried, and the wooded area is largely unmanaged. The wood is slowly succumbing to uncontrolled ivy growth, especially since Kirklees did away with garden tenancies. We did get Kirklees forestry to chop some of the ivy off the trees and to perhaps considering tidying some of the branches to allow more light to lower floor level flats. Would be great if this area could be opened up to allow access between Wain Brow to Chapel Close. But entering the former quarry area is difficult, due to considerable undergrowth.
    28th April 2017, 14:10

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